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LiNNOTAM – The Most Versatile Semi-Finished Plastic Products

LiNNOTAM Materials

PA 6 C

Polyamide produced in moulds on the basis of direct polymerisation with a partially crystalline structure. The high crystallite content results in excellent mechanical properties such as very high abrasion and wear resistance, hardness and rigidity.

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PA 6 C+ oil

LiNNOTAM with oil finely dispersed throughout the material. LiNNOTAM GLiDE has self-lubricating properties thanks to the added lubricant and exhibits excellent wear resistance with a low coefficient of friction.

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PA 6 C + solid lubricant

LiNNOTAM with solid lubricants, additives and stabilisers finely dispersed throughout the material. LiNNOTAMGLIDE Pro T has self-lubricating properties thanks to the added components and exhibits excellent wear resistance with a very low coefficient of friction.

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PA 12 C

LiNNOTAMHiPERFORMANCE 1200 is produced in a pressureless stationary casting process on the basis of an activated anionic reaction. This process produces a high-molecular, highly crystalline and largely stress-free material with very good wear resistance and dimensional stabillity.

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PA 6/12 C

This mixed polyamide made of caprolactam and laurinlactam and produced in a stationary casting process exhibits greater impact and shock resistance plus a lower tendency to absorb moisture compared to pure LiNNOTAM. In addition, the material is characterised by improved creep behaviour and higher elasticity.

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PA 6 C + MoS

The properties are basically comparable to those of LiNNOTAM. The addition of molybdenum disulphide results in a higher crystallinity in the material compared to pure cast polyamide. This improves the material properties with respect to abrasion resistance and moisture absorption.

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Die Kunststoffbibel – unsere Produkte im Detail erklärt

Die Kunststoffbibel von Licharz ist als Nachschlagewerk zu unserem Produktportfolio etabliert. Auf 134 Seiten erklären wir alles Wichtige zu unseren LiNNOTAM-Produkten und zu technischen Kunststoffen generell. Dabei geht es zum Beispiel um Themen wie Werkstoffe, Toleranzen, Richtwerte oder um Eigenschaften der Kunststoffe wie Lagerhinweise und Brandverhalten.

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Extruded materials

Polyacetal Copolymer

Polyacetal is a highly crystalline thermoplastic with high strength and ridigity plus good sliding properties and wear resistance with low moisture absorption. Its good dimensional stability and particularly good fatigue strength along with its excellent machinability make polyacetal a versatile construction material, even for complex components.

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PA 6 / PA 6 E
Polyamide 6

Polyamide 6 produced by extrusion with good strength, impact resistance and damping behaviour. Due to the manufacturing process, however, PA 6 has greater moisture absorption. Moreover, it is less dimensionally stable and wear-resistant compared to cast polyamide.

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PA 66
Polyamide 66

Polyamide produced by extrusion with high hardness, rigidity and wear resistance but low impact strength. The properties of PA 66 are comparable to those of PA 6 C. However, the material absorbs more moisture and is less dimensionally stable.

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PA 6.6+GF
Polyamide 66 + glass fibre

Compared to unreinforced PA 66, the glass fibres provide improved tensile/compressive strength, rigidity and dimensional stability along with lower water absorption. In sliding applications, it is important to note that the sliding partner may be adversely affected by the glass fibre.

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Semi-crystalline high-performance plastic with very good sliding properties and very good mechanical properties even under thermal stress. In addition, PEEK is characterised by excellent chemical resistance.

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Polyethylene terephthalate

Semi-crystalline thermoplastic with high hardness, rigidity and mechanical strength plus good creep resistance. PET has very good sliding properties and shows only minimal sliding wear. Thanks to its good dimensional stability, it is also well suited for parts with high dimensional stability requirements.

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Polyethylene terephthalate + solid lubricant

Semi-crystalline thermoplastic with high hardness, rigidity and mechanical strength plus good creep resistance. Thanks to the addition of a special, homogeneously distributed solid lubricant, it has improved sliding properties and higher abrasion resistance compared to pure PET.

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